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Such was our concern about what was happening in Freddie's name, our family sent two letters on the 10/3/1986 to the High Court. This first letter from the Andrews family was to the Office of the Lord Chief Justice dated 10/3/1986.

We, the Andrews family, object to Mr. Hall again using the Estate Agent Mr. Deane to set a rent for Freddie's large showroom, offices and Francis Street when Mr. Deane's valuation was not accepted by the courts for the sale of this property.
We demand that a government rental valuation must be requested by the Courts. One would not get a room for 5,000 per year so why does Mr. Hall accept this low rent if he is working in Freddie's interest. We must protect Freddie and make sure he is provided with an independent valuer. No lease must be signed until a government valuation is obtained. Why protect the people who had the use of this place without paying rent for nine years?
We also object to 35,000 being given back to Messrs Tughan & Co. Is this the same 35,000 that was lodged in the Industrial Bank in Bangor under the names of Bertie Wright and Mr. C. Gilpin? Further investigation must be made as to why Freddie is made to pay this amount back. Wasn't it this firm plus their client who plundered Freddie's estate? Full accounts must be produced from the year 1972 at the time of our father's death and when Messrs. Tughan & Co., took over our mother's and Freddie's affairs.
We find it necessary to use unorthodox means to get our concern over to Mr. Hall. If we had been afforded a meeting with him we would not have needed to use these methods.
We do hope that this information is given to the Judge as we don't know what Mr. Hall was appointed for and what purpose does his appointment serve and who is he representing?

Thank you again for your kind attention.


This second letter from the Andrews family dated 10/3/1986 was for the attention of Mr. Justice MacDermott.

Re. Freddie Andrews

Further to our letter of to-day we would wish the Judge to be aware that the family were not informed of what was to take place in the Courts on the 7th March. W.J. Andrews was the only member of the family who was given the agreement on entering the Court giving him no time to peruse or discuss it with the family. We are sure the Judge was unaware that all had been agreed sub-rosa the day previous, without our knowledge.
Why have an expensive court hearing when the family are not given a chance to be heard? We are shocked at the treatment dished out to the family.
There is no need to do underhand deals against our mentally handicapped brother or the family. We have seen enough of this treatment over the past seven years since putting Freddie in the Care of the Court.
We feel there was never any intention of cleaning up the morass which came about by the incompetence and malpractice of all solicitors involved in divesting Freddie of all his valuable estate.
We repudiate this agreement in the strongest possible terms. Why was Little King Street and Winetavern Street disposed of in the same way without our knowledge? We will continue to fight for Justice regardless of the fact that the court wishes it to be closed.
We are determined to have Freddie's affairs removed from the jurisdiction of the court and will seek Dr. Lyons advice on this matter. We, the family, have lost complete confidence in the way Freddie has been treated by the courts and will seek to have his affairs removed as soon as possible in order to have his affairs properly investigated.


A copy of this will be sent to our M.P. and Dr Lyons.