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A letter from solicitors Boston & Sullivan to my brother Billy Andrews dated 16/1/1984.

Dear Mr Andrews

RE: Freddie

We enclose a list of the headings of the matters which will be mentioned or discussed at the meeting with the Official Solicitor on Thursday 19th at 2.30. p.m. at Bedford House, Belfast.

You will note item No. 5 under the heading Smithfield Properties reference to the proposed purchase by the Company of the showroom and again negotiations for the new lease. We think it most likely that you will be asked to give as much information as you can on the matter and the suggestion may well be made that had you been really interested in Freddie's well-being the Company would have agreed to and paid an increase rent. You may wish to call with us before the meeting by appointment to discuss same.

In 1966 properties in Frances Street and Millfield were transferred by our office from Freddie to Mrs Hamilton. [Surely this is a matter completely outside the jurisdiction of the Official Solicitor. The Lord Chief Justice in January 1979 imposed a duty on the Official Solicitor at the time to investigate all property actions and transfers between the death of my father in 1972 and the Judge's Order in January 1979.] We will try to look up to see if we have any information on the matter but it is possible that we no longer have the papers. Have you any information on the transaction? We understand that there are ground rents in Little King Street and Marquis Street in Freddie's name but for some time this income has been paid to Mrs Hamilton. Have you any knowledge as to how this came about?

We further understand that the Official Solicitor's valuer Mr Deane of Messrs Murdock & Deane has given a preliminary report to the effect that Castlehill Road was sold at the market value and that therefore if that is correct Mr Murphy's valuation is much too high. When and why did Freddie's income from the Company cease?

Yours faithfully

Boston & Sullivan.

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