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From solicitors Boston & Sullivan to my brother Billy Andrews dated 25/11/1985.

Dear Mr Andrews

Re: Freddie

We enclose copy letter received from the Official Solicitor showing that a sale of the premises therein mentioned has been negotiated at 110,000 and application is being made to the Court on Friday 29th November at 10.00 am seeking approval of the proposed sale.

Do you have any objection to this sale? If so please advise us immediately but you should bear in mind that if you have objections which are not upheld by the judge the costs will almost certainly be awarded against you.

In 1983 Mr Murphy gave as his opinion the value of the showroom and offices with large yard [What large yard? Oh yes, we know about the large yard but Mr. Hall has denied that there was any large yard belonging to Freddie. I wonder why?] at rear in 1977 as 52,500. [Surely we are getting a little mixed up here. That 52,500 was the stupid and undervalued estimate for Freddie's home at 14 Castlehill Road. I see Mr. Carson is part of Boston & Sullivan now. How interesting!]

Please advise us of your decision as soon as ever possible.

You should know that although the proposed purchaser is Andrews & Co (Belfast) Limited Mr Hall has informed us that they will be transferred to the Developers of the Smithfield complex for the same price [Now why is that mentioned at all? I'm afraid I find that very hard to believe. That will obviously have to be investigated.] and that negotiations have been carried out with the agents for the Developers. [I am sure there were loads of negotiations carried out with the agents for the Developers. Strange to say there was no input from Freddie's family into those negotiations. The family were best placed to speak up for Freddie but of course the family would have got in the way of a neat little earner.

There will be a further Court hearing on Friday 20th December at 2.00 pm when Mr Hall will make a report to the Court on many matters including rent of the premises but we will not receive a copy of his report until nearer the 20th December.

Yours faithfully,

Boston & Sullivan.

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