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Solicitors Boston & Sullivan to my brother Billy Andrews dated 7/5/1980.

Dear Mr. Andrews,

Re: Sale of Company

We are in receipt of yours of 26th ult. If we had further information we would propose asking Senior Counsel to advise you in the whole complex matter. You would of course be responsible for the costs.

We propose asking Mr. Burnside for a detailed statement of such matters as he is aware of regarding negotiations but it would be necessary for you to give us written detailed account of all your dealings with Mr. Gilpin and in particular very written detailed replies to our following questions:-

Of the old papers of 1961 from our office that you say were in Mr. Gilpin's possession - how and when did you recover these?

About when did you overhear Mr. Gilpin tell Mr. Patterson to run up debts?

Why did you always accept Mr. Gilpin's directions such as dismissing staff?

Why did you never have an account furnished to Mr. Gilpin for the 2 cars Peugeot and BMW?

Did these cars show as a debit in your books?

Please let us have a very detailed statement of how negotiations were opened for the sale of Andrews & Co. (Belfast) Ltd.

With reference to the letters from Neilson & Park - what did you do about them at the time?

These letters do not suggest that they were acting or you but rather for a prospective purchaser.

Let us have in detail how you came to employ Mr. Patterson. Why did you allow him to give such knowledge to Mr. Gilpin about your business?

For how many years have you known Mr Gilpin and what was his relationship with your father?

Did Mrs. Andrews know Mr. Gilpin well?

What was Mrs. Andrews reaction when she was offered flats or bungalows?

Regarding retirement proposals:-

How did Mr. Gilpin know to advise you not to proceed with the scheme?

After you cancelled the proposed arrangements did Mr. Gilpin make any alternative suggestions to you?

Was any retirement or pension scheme ever in fact taken out and if not did you ever discuss it with Mr. Gilpin?

We do not understand your references to the letters from your mother and the cheque for 50 which you obviously did not present.

We know full well that you were insulted because you did ring Miss Sullivan on several occasions while negotiations were going on and you will recall that she obtained the services of Mr. Tom Bailie for you although in reading your account

It would almost appear that the Company had been sold and you did not know what had been happening.

You have told us by telephone at some time you had the property valued.

Can you obtain a copy of this valuation or get in touch with the Mr. Walker who carried it out and refresh his memory?

Have you any longer any access to the correspondence with British Leyland and Toyota cars?

Did you at any time receive a letter of revision from Toyota?

It is most important that you let us have the information as detailed as possible.

Did you from time to time discuss with Mrs. Andrews, Mr. Gilpin's continual meddling in your running of the business and if so what was her reaction?

You say Mr. Burnside has not replied to your letter. We understood Mr. Burnside in fact called with you. Mr. Burnside and Miss Sullivan attended Mr. Wright's office on 26th March as we told you by telephone when various documents were requested which he promised to obtain from Mr. Gilpin and to arrange a meeting for us with Mr. Gilpin but were subsequently told Mr. Gilpin was on holiday.

Yours faithfully,

[I cannot read the signature.]