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A letter from solicitors Boston & Sullivan to me dated 23/12/1980.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

We have your letter regarding Freddie's affairs. We do not think that we can do anything to assist you as the matter is in the hands of the General Solicitor for Patients and the Department.

You have obviously done all you can to acquaint them with the assets which you believe Freddie should have. We would think that they will have obtained from Freddie's accountants particulars of the assets known to them as the whole point in appointing the General Solicitor as committee of Freddie's affairs is to protect Freddie's affairs for Freddie's benefit and no one elses and we do not think how you could be held to have any interest.

The Department will have no interest whatsoever in publicity and exposing anyones character unless this could be to Freddie's advantage.

We hope you are very successful in No 39 High Street and that 1981 will see the realisation of many of your dreams.

Yours faithfully,

[The signature is not legible.]

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