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A letter from solicitors Boston & Sullivan to Vera Douglas dated 29/11/1985.

Dear Mrs Douglas

RE: Freddie

The hearing to approve the sale of the Smithfield premises was adjourned to be dealt with on the hearing of the Summons dealing with other outstanding matters on Friday 20th December at 2.00 pm.

We enclose a copy of Mr Hall's affidavit supporting the application for approval of the sale with copy report of Mr Deane. If you wish to dispute or argue against this sale you must produce some grounds showing that it is not in the best interests of Freddie and evidence to support your claim e.g. if you think the price is not the true market price you will need to obtain at your own expense a report from a Valuer.

We expect to receive Mr Hall's report or a draft of it on other matters early next week and will immediately forward a copy to you. The Judge has directed that if you intend to dispute or query any item in the report or the sale that we give notice of this to Mr Hall within 10 days of today and file affidavits in support of your allegations not later than 13th December.

We have arranged a consultation with your counsel Mr Weatherup for Monday 9th December at 4.00 pm and it is most important that you attend. Please note to be in the central hall of the Law Courts about 3.50 pm.

The Judge again stressed his attitude to costs in the case and further said if the postponement of the approval of the proposed sale resulted in a loss to Freddie those seeking the adjournment would be called upon to make good the loss. [Now we are on the road to having all the loss to Freddie - incurred by corrupt solicitors and businessmen - made good - AND IT WILL BE MADE GOOD!]

Yours faithfully

Boston & Sullivan.

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