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A letter from solicitors Boston & Sullivan to my sister Vera Douglas dated 3/12/1991.

James Boston & Sullivan Solicitors


Dear Mrs Douglas

Re: Freddie

We are in receipt of your undated letter.

We have no idea when your father transferred any ground to Freddie. Your father may well have agreed to purchase it but purchased it in Freddie's name.
Certainly from such records as we have currently retained in the office, we cannot trace a transaction of a transfer from your father to Freddie.

We do not have the original receipted schedules of the deeds forwarded to Tughan & Company in June 1973 as these were given to Detective Constable Chambers of the Fraud Office in January 1987 but from such records as we have we are of the opinion that they did not contain any deed from your father to Freddie.

Please understand that your request has resulted in the expenditure of much of our time and our fees are much in excess of Registry of Deeds search fees or those of a Law Searcher. We know of no reason why you cannot make such searches as you require in the Registry of Deeds, Chichester Street, or employ a Law Searcher.

Yours sincerely

James Boston & Sullivan

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