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Letter from solicitors Boston & Sullivan to me dated 24/7/1992.

Dear Mrs Wright

RE: Freddie Andrews
Draft Lease 1975, and correspondence

I have yours of 14th inst.

When investigations were being carried out by the Official Solicitor and the Police all our files were available to them. All relevant documents were taken by one or the other and not returned.
[How very, very interesting. Who owns all those papers? Boston & Sullivan were the solicitors who had acted for Fred Andrews Senior and were the solicitors entrusted by Fred Andrews to look after the interests of his family after his death. Surely the papers taken by the Official Solicitor and the Police belong to the Andrews family.]
We have no knowledge as to what subsequently happened to them or where they now are.

Because of the foregoing we do not believe we have any of the documents you request in our archives and if we do, to release them would be a breach of privilege.

Over the years we have been extremely patient and compliant with your requests for information entirely without reward but we are not prepared to respond to any further correspondence from you.

Yours sincerely

James Boston & Sullivan.

[Now I wonder what the Official Solicitors and the Police have done with those documents. Why are they holding on to them and more importantly why are they not acting on the information such documents contain?]

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