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Signed statement of Roy Beggs MP (now former MP) for East Antrim dated 11/8/1986. This statement was made to, and also signed by, Detective Constable N. McManus of the RUC.

I am the member of Parliament for East Antrim.
I received correspondence dated 21 March 1986, 9 April 1986, 13th May 1986, 19th June 1986 and 29 June 1986 from Mr H.M. Patterson, 85 Whitehouse Park, Newtownabbey. This correspondence was relevant to allegations and complaints made by Mr Patterson regarding his failure to get a satisfactory investigation into allegations which he had already made to his authorities. All correspondence was forwarded to R.U.C Headquarters except a letter dated 9th April 1986 which was not irrelevant and I now hand a copy of this letter to Detective Constable McManus. I have never met or spoken to Mr. Patterson.


[The Mr. Patterson referred to in this letter is Detective Constable Mervyn Patterson whose body was found by children on the shore of Belfast Lough with a gunshot wound to the head.]

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