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From Roy Beggs MP to Prime Minister Thatcher 24/3/1987.

Dear Mrs. Thatcher,

Further to my earlier correspondence regarding Frederick Andrews, I enclose correspondence received by his sister Mrs Eileen Wright of 4 Norwood Gardens, Belfast.

The letter from the Law Society of Northern Ireland regarding Mr. Herbert Wright refers to the same solicitor who has been advising the Official Solicitor for years.

Perhaps you could establish the reason for delaying action being taken by the DPP's office and the RUC, and why Mr. Wright has been suspended.

No action whatever would have occurred but for the persistence of Mrs. Wright on behalf of her mentally handicapped brother.

In my opinion a judge could only act on information presented to him. If the Official Solicitor has been advised by a disciplined and suspended solicitor, could the official solicitor then properly advise the judge?

Is there ever to be justice for this family and this mentally retarded man?

The protection of the courts was sought by his family. The courts and judiciary have been unable to give protection because the truth has not been fully disclosed.

The Andrews family only seek justice. They are the only carers.
Did the official solicitor attempt to have the attendance allowance paid to Mrs. Wright stopped two years ago? Was this an attempt to have Freddie Andrews placed in an institution by causing financial difficulty for his sister Mrs. Wright in the hope that she would give up and stop her search for truth and justice?

When will existing officials who have mishandled Freddie Andrew's affairs in the experience of the family be replaced by officials who would demonstrate that they really care for the patient and give support to his family?

Yours sincerely,

Roy Beggs MP,
East Antrim.

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