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From Roy Beggs MP to Prime Minister Thatcher dated 5/3/1987.

Dear Mrs. Thatcher,

As Prime Minister and leader of a government which presents a caring image please personally look into the way in which the affairs of Mr. Freddie Anrews have been handled.

Mr. Andrews is mentally handicapped. His relatives sought to protect him by inolving the Court and Official Solicitor in Northern Ireland. He has lived with his mother, now over ninety years of age, since they were literally put out of their home at 14 Castlehill Road Belfast and moved into 4 Norwood Gardens, Belmont, Belfast 4, where he is cared for by his sister Mrs. Eileen Wright.

The family have lost confidence in the Official Solicitor, who has accepted as gospel truth advice given by a solicitor who is an employee of a large firm of solicitors in Belfast who have been involved in transactions which they challenge.

There appears to have been collusion between this adviser to the official solicitor and at least one businessman, estate agents and property developers.

The family cannot afford further solicitor and barrister fees.

After having information for years which casts more than reasonable suspicion, the D.P.P.s office has still not decided to take action.

On Monday next, at 10.00am, it is likely that the Court in Chichester Street, Belfast, will give a legal blessing to property sales and finally strip this mentally handicapped man of his inheritance.

All property transactions should be frozen. The DPP's office should decide whether they intend to take action and proceed to take action against those suspected of corrupt practice.

The official solicitor appears to have failed to take account of family opinion, and taken advice from a suspect source, thereby he could be providing information to the courts which could result in wrong decisions being made by the judge.

Delay in taking action by the D.P.P. could prevent justice being obtained by the Andrews family. If you have power to intervene, please do so now and arrange for a public enquiry to be held.

Roy Beggs MP, East Antrim.

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