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A letter from my sister Betty Hamilton to Herbert Wright and Official Solicitor Drennan dated 12/10/1979.


    1. H. Wright
    Tughan & Co.,
    30 Victoria Street

    2. John G Drennan
    Official Solicitor
    29 Wellington Place

Dear sir,
Further to our discussions in respect of the affairs of the above, I confirm that I am agreeable to executing a Charge for the capital sum of 20,000 in favour of Mr Drennan, as Committee for Frederick Andrews Junior over my property at 25 Lisleen Road, Castlereagh, Co Down to settle this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Betty Hamilton
[The corruption in the offices of Tughan & Co and the Official Solicitor left my sister Betty Hamilton with little choice given the torture that the occupants of these offices had put her through with the lies that they were telling in order to plunder not only Freddie's estate but the estates of the members of our whole family. The fact that solicitor Herbert Wright, who was later suspended from practising as a solicitor and given a suspended jail sentence for professionanl wrongdoing, was working hand-in-hand with the first Official Solicitor must be noted!]

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