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A letter from my sisters Betty and Vera and me to Mr. Millar dated 19/2/1986.

Dear Mr Miller,

Re. Freddie Andrews.

Could we please have answers to the following?
In Mr Hall's second Report of 2nd December '85, paragraph 12, he states he completed his own analysis and came to the conclusion that during the period 1972-1979 Mrs Andrews had access to 35,000 belonging to the patient. This analysis must be substantiated by facts and figures.
Our Mother was entitled to use Freddie's money to keep him, and for household expenses, over this seven year period. She was driven to use her own money to pay for oil and other bills pertaining to Freddie as she was given no direction whatsoever from the solicitor provided for her by the late Mr C Gilpin. It was her right to get a monthly cheque for expenses, after all, it was her husband's money. Freddie's account in the Industrial Bank in Bangor was under the names of Mr Bertie Wright and Mr C Gilpin. None of the family had access to this account.
We will not accept Mr Hall's inference that our mother UNLAWFULLY took money from Freddie as Messrs Tughan & Co had complete control of hers and Freddie's affairs and must be made responsible for any money unaccounted for. Properly edited accounts and Bank Statements must be produced to cover this period.
Mr Hall attacked our mother by threatening in the first Court Hearing to sequest her money. We have never been given any explanation for this unwarranted outburst.
We are sorry to have to trouble you again but we have no other way of getting the truth over to the Judge since Mr Hall has not requested a meeting to discuss anything with him.

Betty Hamilton
Eileen Wright
Vera Douglas

[I have learned a lot since this letter was written. As is stated elsewhere, my father left my mother 70,000 in cash plus income from other sources. My father left "Tara House" to my mother during her lifetime and to Freddie in his lifetime. It is criminal for an Official Solicitor to state in a High Court that my mother acted unlawfully in dispensing her own money as she saw fit. The only way the Official Solicitor and Master Hall were able to get their dirty hands on what remained of this money was to take over my mother's affairs shortly before she died by appointing a Committee in the form of, wait for it, yet another solicitor - Mr. McAteer - who was answerable only to the gangmaster, Mr. Hall.]

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