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A letter from my brother Billy to Official Solicitor Redpath dated 24//9/1994.

Dear Mr. Redpath,

re. Freddie Andrews, 4, Norwood Gdns.

I visit the above address about twice weekly to check on Freddie and to try and give my sister Eileen Wright some slight assistance in looking after him.
First of all, my sister has a very difficult job in caring for my brother. He soils his clothes often and has then to be seen to and bathed - a very unpleasant job.
Eileen, even during her early married life, took a great interest in Freddie and frequently took him on holidays with her family.

Re. 4 Norwood Gdns.
According to Eileen, there have been two attempts at refurbishing the kitchen.
1. The kitchen was tiled over tiles and both lots fell off!
The whole house seemed to me to be in a bad state and needed decorating and carpeting etc.
The work on the house seems to have been stopped and the rooms left in an unfinished state.

I know that there is a great deal of money "in trust" for my brother and I am sure you will agree that the refurbishing of the house should be well finished and settled up as soon as possible, before the cold weather starts.

I would also suggest that perhaps some money could be paid to Eileen half-yearly, for clothing Freddie and other things like petrol (ferrying him to and fro)

My sister is aged 72, a widow, and not too well-off.

I am the eldest of the family and consider I am doing my duty in getting in touch with you.

Yours sincerely

William Andrews

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