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A letter from my brother Billy to Assistant Chief Constable dated 16.8.1983.

Dear Sir,

I sent statements to the Fraud Squad in Holywood some time ago regarding the fraudulent takeover of Andrews & Co. Ltd., and so far have not heard how the case is progressing.

I would appreciate answers to the following questions:-

I was taken to the office of Tughan & Co. (after being threatened by Mr. Gilpin as to what would happen to me otherwise) by a colleague of his, and a Mr. Wright of Tughan & Co. was present with other members of the Company. I was forced without my solicitor being present to sign some documents which I knew nothing about. How then can the takeover of Andrews & Co. Ltd. be legal when, although I requested the presence of my solicitor, I was told that I did not need her.

Since the death of my Father I was under constant undue pressure and threats from Mr. Gilpin and his friends with the result that I had a breakdown. Is this in any way the normal procedure for the takeover of a large Company? Is it not more the way crooks and gangsters would behave?

As stated above, I have never had possession of any documents. Could you find out who would have them?

I would be only too glad to have an interview with you at any time if that would help to expose the fraudulent takeover of my Company.

It is now two years since the Fraud Squad took over so, naturally, I am getting anxious to see some result.

Yours faithfully,


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