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Letter from Bowers to Insurance Brokers Messrs. Bowring Martin Limited dated 6/8/1986.

For the attention of Mr. L.G. Devlin

Dear Mr. Devlin

Premises: 62-65 Smithfield, Belfast

Following your discussion with Mr. Hall, who now acts as Master (Care and Protection) in the Family Division of the High Court, I write to confirm that I have succeeded him as Official Solicitor and in that capacity I have assumed responsibiliity as controller for the above-named Patient. While Mr. Hall represented the Patient's interests he was obliged to complete a comprehensive review of the case during which it was established (and reported to the court) that the Patient is still the legal owner of the premises at 62/65 Smithfield, Belfast, comprising a motor car showroom with offices and workshop above now occupied by Andrews and Company (Belfast) Limited/Neville Johnston (Garages) Limited.

The present insurance cover on the premises amounting to 242,500 has been negotiated by you on behalf of the companies in occupation but in anticipation of the completion of a short-term letting agreement I wish to arrange for the Patient's interest to be noted on the policy.

Please let me have confirmation that the Patient will be protected by the terms of the existing policy (of which I will be glad to have details) and that you will keep me informed of any matters affecting the interests of the Patient until the formal agreement has been completed by the company in occupation.

Yours sincerely

Official Solicitor

[Very, very interesting. So Mr. Hall established at the time of his Comprehensive Report to the High Court that the Patient at the time was "still the legal owner of the premises at 62/65 Smithfield, Belfast". Why wouldn't he still be the owner. Why did Hall have to establish such a thing? Any doubt in Mr. Hall's mind could only have been raised because he knew that Gilpin and Tughan & Co had criminally 'sold' Freddie's premises at 62/65 Smithfield, Belfast to the Ryland Vehicle Group as stated in the County Court charge, "Herbert Wright (of Tughan & Co), between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980, in the County Court Division of Belfast, dishonestly obtained from Ryland Vehicle Group Limited 375,000 with the intention of permanently depriving the said Ryland Vehicle Group Limited thereof by deception, namely by falsely representing Neville Johnston (Garages) Limited had a good and marketable title to premises known as 60/65 (or 62/65)Smithfield Square, Belfast." This 'doubt' was never reported to the High Court by Mr. Hall. So why did the "company in occupation" insure Freddie's property for only 242,500 in 1986 when Ryland paid Gilpin and Tughan & Co 375,000 for the same property "between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980" seven years earlier! Of course, Freddie did not get one pound of the 375,000. According to the Fraud Squad this money was part of the 1,000,000 that Charles Gilpin took to the Channel Islands where his son lived and who married the widow of Neville Johnston. More importantly, why did the "company in occupation" have anything at all to do with insuring Freddie's property when the Official Solicitor was in 'control' of it? Also, why did Master Hall discuss this insurance with the representative of the "company in occupation" at all? Unless, of course, Master Hall was, as I believe, actually working for the "company in occupation" and its representatives.

The fact that Mr. Hall 'established' at the time of his Comprehensive Report to the High Court that Freddie was "still the legal owner of the premises at 62/65 Smithfield, Belfast", despite the fact that Gilpin and Tughan & Co had sold it to the Ryland Vehicle Group "between the 1st day of August 1979 and the 31st day of January 1980", means that Hall MUST HAVE ALSO KNOWN that Freddie was, and still is, the legal owner of Tara House at 14 Castlehill Road. Why did Hall not 'establish' that fact too? Simply because a top lawyer, G. P. Jemphrey, moved into Freddie's home at 14 Castlehill Road but, unlike the Ryland Vehicle Group which reacted to all my protesting correspondence about their illegal purchase of Smithfield and took County Court proceedings in the matter, Jemphrey was a different 'kettle of fish' and stayed put at Tara House for a few years until things settled down. Charles Gilpin and Tughan & Co were the same people involved in the 'sale' of both of Freddie's properties, 14 Castlehill Road and 60-65 Smithfield. It was not in the gang's plans to have to admit to the Ryland Vehicle Group's action and caused them a lot of trouble.]

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