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A letter from Official Solicitor Bowers to me dated 20/1/1988.

Dear Mrs Wright

Bathroom at 4 Norwood Gardens

I refer to your letter of 18 January 1988, addressed to my personal secretary, Miss Marshall.

I will, if I may, direct your attention to the fact that the Court, in the person of the Master (Care and Protection) is not directed by the consultant psychiatrist to the Patient.

In this instance Dr Lyons was good enough to arrange to chair a meeting between yourself, the Master and myself. He did so, in ease of all the parties, and in particular, in ease of the Patient, but he neither has, nor does he claim, any right to direct the Court.
[Dr. Lyons has a right to protect his patient, namely Freddie. Also, what happened to Dr. Lyons' statement to the RUC?]

The directions at that meeting were given by Master Hall. You having elected to disregard those directions and to proceed along lines chosen by yourself, I will require to be able to advise the Court (Master) that your approach has not resulted in financial loss to the Patient's fund. To that end I will require to be advised as to your final total account, including an account for tiling, in order that I may have a comparable to set against the composite Central Merchants' estimate, already approved by the Master, in terms of the Albertbridge Road Day Hospital meeting.

In order to spare Mr Mills and Mr Tully any further financial embarrassment, through no fault of their own, I will appreciate and early reply.

Yours sincerely

Official Solicitor

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