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A letter from Official Solicitor Bowers to me dated 26/9/89.

Dear Mrs Wright


I have received your bundle of receipts for June/July and August to vouch expenditure of Freddie's 100.00 per month spending money.

Once again the receipts cover such matters as electrical and plumbing repairs, purchase of household articles, unexplained sums to Wimpey Hobbs Quarries, and T M Cresswell Limited.

Previous months' receipts included those for garden tools, bone meal, the hire of a Kango hammer and the purchase of a Hoover Vacuum cleaner.

Clearly these items are not such as should be purchased out of Freddie's 100.00 which, you are aware, is intended for his cigarettes and personal items only.

The result is that in each month Freddie's money more than covers his own actual requirements.

May I also take this opportunity to point out that cigarettes are supplied (through this Office) at the Day Centre. This is necessary because Freddie never has cigarettes when he arrives. He begins begging for cigarettes as soon as he gets on the bus! Please ensure that in future Freddie actually has the cigarettes each day for which his own money provides, otherwise the point of making the allowance to you is lost.

Yours sincerely

Official Solicitor

[Freddie has had a very bad chest infection and had to go into the hospital on two occasions. It is in Freddie's interest to cut down his intake of cigarettes!]

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