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Please note that text in red denotes my comments

From the Office of Care and Protection to me dated 30/8/1990 - a letter which contains a deliberate lie.

Dear Mrs. Wright,


Your letter of 1 August 1990 addressed to this Office has been passed to me for reply. I have had an opportunity of reviewing the file in the case and I am aware of the intensive correspondence which you have conducted with the Official Solicitor and others in relation to your brother's affairs.

The original appointment in 1979 of the Official Solicitor (then Mr John G Drennan) to act on your brother's behalf was made pursuant to the provisions of the Mental Health Act (Northern Ireland) 1961 and constituted Mr Drennan as Committee (singular) of the Patient's estate - i.e. the person to whom responsibility for the estate was committed or assigned. The new Mental Health (Northern Ireland) Order 1986 now speaks of a "Controller for the Patient". Mrs Bowers, the present Official Solicitor, acts as Controller for your brother.

I am informed that any application made by you for your appointment to act as sole Controller for your brother or to act with Mrs Bowers as joint Controller would be opposed - and the matter would have to be referred to a Judge for determination. [It is interesting that the official booklet on a Committee for a Patient in Care advises the very opposite. More to the point however, the following - along with my comment in red - is taken from this Judgement of Judge MacDermott in the High Court: "In passing, I would add that Mrs. Wright, who now lives with her husband with the Patient and their mother in Norwood Gardens, offered to undertake the duties of Committee of the Patient's person. As the person who is now in fact looking after the Patient's daily needs, and also her mother a lady now in her 90s, this seems a most helpful suggestion and one which the Official Solicitor indicated that he was very willing to accept." [What complete and utter rubbish! This is the last thing that Official Solicitor Brian Hall or any other Official Solicitor would countenance. If it were true, and even the official booklet on Committees states that a member of the Patient's family should be the Committee, why has it not happened since 1979, over 25 years ago? See first letter from Madden & Finucane to Official Solicitor, last paragraph.]

At a meeting held on 24 June 1988 at which you attended with your solicitor (then Mr Norman Shannon) you were given a full account of your brother's current assets and income and answers were given to a list of questions raised by your solicitor on your behalf. [That is totally untrue. None of our family, including me, were ever given answers to our questions regarding the state of Freddie's income or estate assets by the Official Solicitors. That is why we had to contact the Fraud Squad in the first instance and then engage a multitude of unhelpful and weak solicitors over the years.]

You are also aware that any party claiming a legitimate interest in the affairs of a patient may apply (formally) to the Court for an Order in relation to the case (if advised that such a step would be necessary or appropriate). [There was no way I was going to be even allowed to make a 'formal' application to the Court as I would not be considered to have a legitimate interest or be advised by any legal eagle that such a step was necessary or appropriate given the attitude of the Office of the Official Solicitor.]

Yours faithfully