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Committee on the Administration of Justice to journalist Una Brankin dated 28.8.1990.

Dear Una

Please find enclosed the material which you left with me a few days ago. I passed both these cases to Brice Dickson who took a look at them. Brice is a member of the Committee's Executive and lectures in law at Queen's.

I am afraid the news is not good. As I think I mentioned when you called the Committee does not really have the resources to take on individual cases but will get involved in a case if it is in our general area of expertise and it exemplifies a wider problem.

I am enclosing copies of Brice's replies to me regarding the cases. You will see from these that he is not bery hopeful of any remedy for the people involved. He also takes the view that there is nothing that the CAJ can usefully do in relation to them.

I am sorry that we cannot be more helpful.

Yours sincerely

Martin O'Brien.

[The letterhead and address are as follows:

The Northern Ireland Civil Liberties Council


I was just thinking if the CAJ had a less opulent address than in Belfast BT1, it might just be able to manage to do a little of what it purports to stand for.]

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