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A letter from Care and Protection to me dated 13/8/85.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

I acknowledge receipt of your recent letters, the last received yesterday. I am sorry that they were not acknowledged earlier but I was on leave.

I will endeavour to provide answers for you as soon as possible.

However, I understand that, with the exception of the house at Castlehill Road none of your brother's properties has been sold.

Yours sincerely,


for Master.

[What a shocking statement. What a really shocking statement!!! Did the writer of the above letter not know that Freddie's estate had been decimated. Why did Brian Hall not even inform this Care and Protection Officer that Freddie's entire estate was nearly all sold?

On the other hand........ this man was on leave as he stated in his letter. However, he must have done some checking up and surprise, surprise, what did he find? He found that with the exception of the house at Castlehill Road, NONE of Freddie's properties had been sold.

At that time I was so convinced that what Mr. Chambers stated in his letter was untrue that I actually wrote to that effect on the photocopied letter below. With hindsight I now believe that what Mr. Chambers stated was actually the truth. Mr. Chambers was writing on behalf of the Master, Mr. Davison.]

It seems that Mr. Chambers was telling the truth which makes this whole story, this whole shocking story, a whole lot worse. It also puts in perspective, many questionable statements by Hall, his gang and top Government figures.