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A letter from the office of Care and Protection to me dated 18/1/1985.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Thank you for your letter of 16th January.

From my enquiries I have discovered that your application to the Department of Health and Social Services brought to the notice of officials there the existence of the Order appointing a committee. The Department then recalled the book and advised the office dealing with Attendance Allowance to stop payment until it was established who was entitled to receive benefit on behalf of Mr. F. Andrews.

Mr. Hall was asked to complete application forms which I understand he has done.

Mr. Hall is of the opinion that the Attendance Allowance should continue to be collected by you as heretofore and this Office will assent to that practice continuing.

As I told you during our telephone conversation I think that the cost of the patient's clothing and other incidental expenses should be borne out of his funds held in Court. Would you please let me have a note of approximate weekly expenditure and I will arrange to have you put in funds.

Yours sincerely,



[It has been degrading and humiliating to be forced to almost beg for Freddie's money by supplying lists of his needs. It is totally wrong to make a family live like this especially when those in charge have been helping themselves to so much more of Freddie's money while pretending to protect it.]

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