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A letter from Sunday Times journalist Chris Ryder to me dated 6/8/86.

Dear Mrs Wright,

I have made extensive enquiries over the last few days into the handling of the affairs of your brother, Freddie, and discussed the situation with my editor in London. I am sorry to say, that after very careful consideration, we do not believe there is any aspect of the matter that justifies an article in The Sunday Times.

However I am in no doubt that his affairs were scandalously mismanaged by at least one of those involved and I hope that you will be satisfied by the eventual outcome of the present disciplinary proceedings being conducted by the Law Society and the fact that his interests have been restored and are now being vigorously protected by the court. I am also advised that the Director of Public Prosecutions has still and active interest in the case and that the police investigation is continuing.

I am satisfied that without your determined campaigning none of this injustice would have come to light and I believe you have good cause to be satisfied for what you have achieved has now secured Freddie's positron, much as your late father intended to. One can only admire the way you cope with the burden imposed on you and the courageous way you bear it.

With very best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Chris Ryder