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Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A High Court Summons is prepared to appoint a Committee for my mother's Estate dated 27/5/1986.

In other words, Hall was taking control of my mother's money through solicitor McAteer without the family's consent.

Sometime around the early part of 1986 I learned from a neighbour that he was taking his business to solicitors McAteer & Co who were situated on the Bloomfield Road in Belfast. He had heard this was a good firm. I was always seeking such a firm of solicitors - a good firm. I made an appointment and spoke to Mr. McAteer and was immediately disappointed at his attitude. However, my mother's health was deteriorating and I was concerned to have her assets protected if at all possible. Mr. McAteer was to see what he could do.

On May 27th 1986, this Summons was prepared by Mr. McAteer seeking to have himself appointed as Committee for my mother's estate, an appointment which, as you can see on the Summons, Mr. McAteer stated I had applied for. This is just not true.

Given my years of sad experience of how my brother Freddie had been treated by a Committee in the form of solicitors, this was the last thing I would have wanted for my mother and her property. Mr. McAteer had no right whatsoever to use me as a means of inflicting a Committee on my mother or her estate. You can also see that Ciaran M. J. McAteer was no relation to the Patient. That in itself goes directly against the official book of rules on a Committee which states, quote, "The committee is normally one person closely related to the patient".

My mother, Mrs. Minetta Andrews, died on 29th August 1987 aged 90 years, so this summons was prepared and a few days later McAteer was duly appointed Committee for my mother's estate under the supervision of, you have probably guessed, Brian Hall! Over three months went by before solicitor Ciaran McAteer summoned up the courage to write to me to tell me in this letter.

What McAteer was saying in this letter was that I should continue to see to my mother's every need but he and Mr. Hall would now, with the power of the High Court behind them, look after my mother's money - a real cosy arrangement. Of course, this is in line with Hall's mad request to the High Court judge in his 'Comprehensive Report of 30th January 1984 paragraph "36. Summary of recommendations", where he states, quote, "that I be authorised to enquire into the financial affairs of Mrs Minetta Andrews and take appropriate steps to recover from her any identifiable loss suffered by the Patient as a result of her management of his assets and income". What a crazed little man! He made up reasons to gain High Court backing for his plunder of my mother's property and money after plundering Freddie's property and money, while ignoring the plunder by Tughan & Co and other solicitors and millionaire Charles Gilpin of property and money belonging to practically all the other members of our family.

This was the condition of my mother when solicitor McAteer conspired with Hall, mow Master Hall, on 27.5.1986 to take over her money and property by having McAteer appointed Committee for my mother. WHAT ABSOLUTE EVIL.

I have to say that Mr. Hall had absolutely no feeling. He was totally inadequate and unsuitable for the important role he had to oversee. I never saw a smile on his face. He didn't give two damns for any member of my family especially Freddie. All he was interested in was protecting the wolves and there were plenty of them. We were asked to attend a meeting with Hall and after sitting for two and a half hours listening to Hall go on and on and on while refusing to allow us to speak, we just had to get up and walk out. That was not a meeting. Official Solicitors and Masters should be of good character and, above all, honest. Hall should never have been allowed to get anywhere near the Department of Care and Protection. He was just not capable of caring or protecting Patients. He couldn't even let my mother die in peace. He, and his fellow solicitors destroyed our whole family.