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My notes on Official Solicitor Drennan's first Report dated January 1979.

The first Report of the first Official Solicitor J G Drennan was compiled and presented to the Judge in January 1979. We were never given the opportunity to discuss this document. My one interview in Drennan's office was taken by his clerk, I did think I was talking to a solicitor. It was a short intimidating meeting. Mr Drennan preferred to remain silent.

Mr H Wright advised Drennan he sold Freddie's home (which was then 14 Castlehill Road) for 38,750 in March 1976 to G P Jemphrey (a solicitor). There was no mention as to who made the values at the time of sale. Considering Freddie's mental incapacity, who witnessed this signature on this sale? Freddie's mother was told by Charles Gilpin and his solicitor H Wright that she had not the money to live in Freddie's home. Why was the Judge not given the correct information about Freddie's forced removal from his home?

All premises mentioned were sold, including, as Drennan wrongly stated, 68/69 Smithfield for 50,000 representing the net proceeds being lodged in the Industrial Bank of Bangor. What happened to 60-65 Smithfield, the showroom? Drennan has refused to make any comment about the large and most expensive part of Freddie's inheritance.

In whose names has the 50,000 been lodged, no information has been given. There is no mention of how and when 60-65 Smithfield was disposed of in Drennan's report. He has committed perjury by putting down lies on a legal document. We now want to know how H Wright and his client disposed of 68-69 Smithfield, the site of Conlon's Pub. I must be given the opportunity to correct the many grave errors.

Drennan's clerk gave instructions to one of the attendants chosen by them,to assist my mother and Freddie, to bring Freddie into their office to make him sign a document, which he did when he was handed a silver pen. Freddie was taken in without any protection of any member of the family. What did Freddie sign?

Why was H Wright permitted to sell all of Freddie's estate for the benefit of others rather than that of my brother? He was not even allowed to stay in the home given to him by his father.

Dr Lyons and Dr Dawson, consultant psychiatrists, gave clear agreed statements to the fraud Officer that Freddie would have "no knowledge or understanding of what he was saying". Why were these statements not made available to the Judge?

Official Solicitor Drennan's Report must be re-written and the untruths corrected.

Eileen Wright.

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