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Solicitors Carson & McDowell sent the following letter dated 2nd October, 1987 to:

Nick Sadler, Esq.,
John Laing Developments Limited,
Page Street,
London NW7 2ER.

Dear Nick,


Thank you for your letter dated 29th ultimo with copy enclosure which I have discussed with the Official Solicitor who is the Controller of Frederick Andrews. Mrs. Wright is Mr. Andrews sister. The Official Solicitor speaking off the record and quite candidly advises that Mrs Wright is dangerous and inaccurate. She further advises that it is best to make no reply as Mrs. Wright will take up and expand upon anything contained in any reply. Mrs. Wright is the sister of Fred Andrews but she has no function in relation to him as his affairs are controlled by the Official Solicitor who has obtained the consent of Mr. Justice McDermott on 9the March 1987 to the sale of the premises containing the Car Showroom to Laings for 150,000. Indeed it is the very fact that Courts consent was obtained that made it difficult to have the price renegotiated when it was discovered the Title was short by ten feet along Francis Street.
There is no doubt but that all necessary approvals have been obtained and that the sale to Laings is entirely above board and cannot be impugned by anyone. Mrs. Wright's reference to Police investigation has no bearing whatsoever upon these premises or Laings purchase thereof but to a dealing some time ago when a Solicitor gave a Report on Title that the premises belonged not to Fred Andrews but to Andrews & Co. (Belfast) Limited. That Certificate was not correct and the question as to whether or not it was given carelessly, recklessly or fraudulently is the subject of investigation. As the Certificate itself does not affect the Title which remained in Fred Andrews and as Laings have purchased the Title from the Controller on behalf of Fred Andrews it has no bearing upon Laings purchase.

Mrs. Wright's letter is merely one of a series in a very long chapter of correspondence concerning Fred Andrews and I would not care to disagree with the advice of the official solicitor that there be no response made to Mrs. Wright. I suggest that you communicate that advice to John Laing construction limited to whom I believe the letter was originally written.

Yours sincerely,

The signature is unreadable.