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A letter from Detective Constable Patterson to A.M. Fraser, LLB, dated 19 June 1986.

Dear sir,
Further to my letter of 7th April I have been informed from different sources that my complaints are being investigated and that a report is nearing completion.

In the past I have emphasized to you and the Chief Constable that I have been denied the opportunity to make a formal statement of complaint about matters I wish to complain of. Chief Superintendent Ferguson did record a statement of his version of events but it bore no resemblance to the statement I wished to make, it was full of ambiguities and incomplete. Is the investigation under progress based on this false and misleading statement? Is the Chief Constable's refusal to intervene an indication that he condones the actions of this investigating officer? The Chief Constable has declined to reply or acknowledge any correspondence I direct to him.

Who is going to investigate my allegation that I have been intimidated out of my position and career to prevent me giving evidence against a superior and to prevent me completing investigations I was conducting into prominent members of society?

When can I expect the return of personal property stolen from my office and home?

It is ludicrous for a subordinate of the Chief Constable's to report to my Member of Parliament that my complaints are being investigated and I ask that this be noted.

It has come to my attention that the present investigation involves matters which I have never complained about or had ever intended to be the subject of a complaint. Such action could only be construed as an act to smear my character.

Yours faithfully

Mervyn Patterson

R.M. Patterson