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A letter from Detective Constable Mervyn Patterson to Roy Beggs MP dated 19/6/1986.

Dear sir,
Thankyou for your recent communication and thankyou for your time and effort in trying to sort out this bizarre and frightening position I have found myself in.

Your are being openly deceived by someone within the Chief Constable's office for I have not made a statement of complaint and therefore no investigation could be in progress. I find the reply from Superintendent McIvor incredible bearing in mind correspondence between my solicitor and the Chief Constable and my interview on 23rd December 85 with A.C.C. Johnston. At that interview Mr Johnston undertook to record a statement from me immediately after Christmas but this never came about.

In pursuit of justice I have corresponded with the Home Secretary and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. I was astonished to learn that the Secretary of State has no power of direction or control over the Chief Constable.

Who enforces the Police Regulations which states that I may have an interview with H.M. Inspector of Constabulary on application being made? On 9th January 85 I made written application for an interview with HMIC but to present I have been denied this. Perhaps you could assist me on this point.

Attached are copies of letters to the Chief Constable and the Department of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Yours faithfully

Mervyn Patterson