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Letter from DC Patterson to Roy Beggs MP dated 21/3/1986.

Dear Sir,
I am a Detective Constable in the Royal Ulster Constabulary and presently attached to the Fraud Squad, R.U.C. Headquarters. I joined the force in 1965 and was promoted to the C.I.D. in 1970. In 1976 I was transferred to the Fraud Squad and I have remained there since.

I appreciate writing to you is very unusual and unorthordox but I have followed the proper channels and tried all orthodox avenues with negative result.

On 20th April 84 I informed a superior I had sufficient evidence to charge him with criminal offences and subsequently endeavoured to have him arrested and charged. As a direct result of my allegations a disciplinary charge was brought against me alleging:- 'Conduct likely to bring the force into disrepute'. This was minor compared to what followed. I did not expect any laurels but the subsequent onslaught of abuse and intimidation by the heads of my department was unimaginable. Some of the more serious happenings are related in the notes enclosed.

The harassment eventually brought about a state of ill health and I have been on sick leave since 3rd July 84. The abuse and intimidation did not end at this but has persisted throughout my sick leave.

To present my authorities have refused to record a formal statement of complaint from me or investigate my allegations. Both the Force Medical Officer and my own doctor have conveyed to the Chief Constable that the delay in the investigation has had an adverse affect on my health. The delay in the investigation has resulted in unnecessary harassment and intimidation and a great deterioration in my health. As a result of this negligence I have had to have psychiatric treatment and have recently spent over three months in hospital.

I respectfully request you to do anything in your powers to assist me in having my complaints investigated.

Yours faithfully R.M. Patterson, 9119

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