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A letter from the Deputy Official Solicitor to me dated 3/6/1982

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Frederick Andrews

I refer to Mr. Doherty's visit to 4, Norwood Gardens, Belfast, to-day and I regret to learn that your mother is ill. I trust she will make a speedy recovery.

As you are aware the custody of the person and the regulation and government of the patient were granted to the Official Solicitor by Order dated 11th January 1979. I am anxious to know what arrangements are made for Freddie's care at night time as your mother is unable to look after him. Would you please be good enough to let me hear from you by return.

Yours faithfully,

[Unable to make out signature - could be Rankin.]
Deputy Official Solicitor

[Did the writer of this letter really believe that our family would neglect Freddie? The only reason for the above question was to get an opportunity to put Freddie in a Nursing Home.]