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Letter from Dept of the Environment to Peter Robinson MP dated 26/6/1992.

Dear Alderman Robinson

In my letter of 11 June 1992 about your most recent enquiry on behalf of Mrs Eileen Wright, 4 Norwood Gardens, Belfast I advised you that I had referred the matter to the Official Solicitor and explained why it had been necessary to do so. I promised to write to you again when I had received the Official Solicitor's response/comments.

The Official Solicitor has now responded, and with his agreement, I enclose a copy of his letter dated 23 June 1992. As you will see, this covers very comprehensively the general question of the estate of Mrs Wright's brother, Mr Frederick Andrews, junior, and the particular properties referred to by Mrs Wright in her recent correspondence. The letter also makes very clear that the Official Solicitor was appointed to act as Committee of the estate of (now Controller for) Mr Andrews by Order dated 11 January 1979. This in turn meant that the Official Solicitor had - and indeed continues to have - full responsibility for any aspect of Mr Andrews' estate which might have been affected by the Department's vesting order. In this respect I would explain that the Official Solicitor is in possession of a copy of the vesting order and is therefore aware of all the lands affected by it.[This is absolute nonsense.]

As you will appreciate, the information contained in the attached letter supersedes that supplied in mine of 18 May 1992. That of course was in response to the points raised in your letter of 11 May which did not contain any reference to the Official Solicitor. There is really little which I can add to what is said in the Official Solicitor's letter except perhaps to clarify that the 300,000 transaction referred to by Mrs Wright is totally unrelated to any compensation settlements already negotiated or to be negotiated by the Valuation and Lands Office with the holders of any legally proven interests included in the Department's vesting order.

Finally, I must also emphasise that there is no further action which the Department can take in relation to this matter. I have been assured by the Official Solicitor that if Mrs Wright/other members of the family and their Solicitor(s) can furnish him with any information which could lead to the discovery of any property interest(s) of Mr Andrews which might have been included in the vesting order he will have no hesitation in taking the matter up with the Department. In this respect you will wish to note in particular the content of the final paragraph of the Official Solicitor's letter.

I hope you find this correspondence helpful and that it has fully clarified the position of both the Department and the Official Solicitor in this matter.

Yours sincerely


Comprehensive Developoment Branch