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A letter from DPP Shaw to me dated 7/10/1987.

Dear Mrs Wright

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 20 September 1987.

As you are aware a lengthy and complicated police investigation has taken place and a person has recently been charged with offences connected with matters about which you have written to me. I am therefore unable to comment upon these matters either in correspondence or otherwise.

Yours sincerely

Barry Shaw.

[What totally criminal disinformation to be put in writing by such a senior Government officer in the person of Sir Barry Shaw. Yes, of course there was a VERY lengthy police investigation into my mentally-handicapped brother's affairs but it was only complicated by the scurrilous and criminal conduct of solicitors, estate agents, Official Solicitors and disinformed and incompetent High Court Judges. So complicated was the investigation findings made by these professional people that NOT ONE PERSON involved in the criminal plunder of my brother's estate has ever been charged with any offence whatsoever and Sir Barry Shaw knows that.

What Sir Barry Shaw referred to in the above letter is the charging of a person by his Office for an offence or offences committed against the Ryland Vehicle Group who would not have taken any action but for my constant and consistent charging them with the theft of my mentally-handicapped brother's property. Sir Barry Shaw's Office took action against solicitor Herbert Wright on behalf of the Ryland Vehicle Group using information and evidence provided by my family and the RUC Fraud Squad officers, one of whom paid for that information with his life.
Yes, Sir Barry Shaw got justice for the Ryland Vehicle Group and had solicitor Herbert Wright punished, but what about the other top solicitors involved in Tughan & Co who employed Herbert Wright? Why did Sir Barry Shaw's Office stop there? Why did Sir Barry Shaw's Office not then provide my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie with the same justice as the Ryland Vehicle Group? What Sir Barry Shaw's Office refused to do was to charge the same solicitor Herbert Wright, Charles Gilpin, senior partners in solicitors Tughan & Co, Official Solicitors, solicitor John Morris, solicitors Carson & McDowell and other solicitors, estate agents and valuers, DOE civil servants, various businessmen, members of the RUC and others with criminal activity involving the plunder of my mentally-handicapped brother's estate. Sir Barry Shaw, the Director of Public Prosecutions, colluded with others to make solicitor Herbert Wright a scapegoat in order to protect the shocking conduct of Wright's employers Tughan & Co. Sir Barry Shaw, in the above letter personally signed in his own hand, connected two totally different cases and used this connection as an excuse for not discussing the plunder of my brother's estate with me. This is state corruption at the highest level.

Yes, of course, solicitor Herbert Wright was involved in both cases as were the senior members of Tughan & Co, and yes, property belonging to Freddie was involved in the case brought on behalf of the Ryland Vehicle Group, but isn't it a shocking omission to say the least, for Sir Barry Shaw's Office to have acted to get justice for the rich Ryland Vehicle Group in England against Herbert Wright without taking action against Tughan & Co as a whole, and a far more shocking omission to have failed to take similar action against the whole firm of Tughan & Co for the plunder of my mentally-handicapped brother Freddie's property which necessitated "a lengthy and complicated police investigation" running into many years?]

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