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Family letter to Official Solicitor dated 17/9/92.


Mr Redpath

In 1978 we, Freddie Andrews' family, applied to have our profoundly mentally disabled brother placed in your 'Care'. We took this drastic action because we believed Freddie had been swindled out of his property inheritance by unscrupulous business men. Beteen 1972 and 1977 these men effectively sold every piece of property which Freddie's father had placed in his name. In 1978 we believed that the Care authorities would help us gain access to all the relevant documentation needed to fight for justice on Freddie's behalf. We have waited fourteen years and this has not happened.

Over the years we have had to battle with your department to find out anything about Freddie's affairs. Your department deems us competent to care for Freddie's needs twenty-four hours per day, fifty-two weeks per year. Yet successive Official Solicitors have decided that we are not trustworthy enough to be given access to Freddie's documentation. Disturbingly, you will not even allow us to have information relating to the time before we placed Freddie in care. We are tired of fighting for something we believe should be the natural right of any family with a mentally disabled member.

We write now as a family to ask officially, through our Member of Parliament, that you share with us all the details of Freddie's affairs (both before and since he has been in Care). We want to see exactly what has been done with the legacy which Freddie's father left for his care. This means releasing to us copies of all accounts documentation, correspondence and memos etc. relating to Freddie's case from 1972 till the present. The family will bear responsibility for any copying costs incurred.

Should you once again refuse to share this information with us we, as Freddie's family, give notice that we will have no choice but in instigate proceedings to have Freddie removed from Care.

Yours sincerely

Eileen Wright (sister)
William Andrews (brother)
Elizabeth Hamilton (sister)
Patrick Wright (nephew)
Coleen Carson (niece)
Shelagh Sheils (niece)
Colin Douglas (nephew)
David Hamilton (nephew)