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Please note that text in red denotes my comments

A letter from solicitor Fearon to me dated 18/3/1986.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

I refer to your letter of 11th March 1986 and would ask you to note the following comments.

With regard to your disappointment that I did not warn you about what was to take place on Friday please note that I myself was only given the terms of the settlement immediately prior to going into the Court.
Therefore I was not in a position to disclose the contents of the Agreement to you. You will of course agree with me that you never at any stage wanted the Smithfield property sold and since it is now subject of a rent agreement and no sale has gone throuh I can only assume that I have acted in accordance with your wishes and instructions.

I am somewhat mystified as to why you wish me to find an office or room in Belfast for 5,000.00 a year. Indeed I am at a loss to understand the relevance of the figure of 5,000.00.

Furthermore I do not understand what you mean by saying that Tughan & Co., have been given a present of thousands of pounds.

I would also refer to the note at the top of your letter relating to the fact that you say the family were all depending on me. At no stage have I received any isntructions from the family as a whole and as you are aware my only instructions in this matter came from yourself. I am sure you will agree with me that at no stage on the 7th March did you instruct me to get up and object to anything that was part or parcel of the Agreement.

I would ask you to note that I have requested that Mr. Hall arrange the promised meeting with yourself your legal advisors and Dr. Lyons as quickly as possible. Should you wish me to be present at this discussion I await your instructions.

Yours faithfully,

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