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A letter from solicitor Fearon to me dated 9/4/1986.

Dear Mrs. Wright,

Mr. Hall has forwarded a copy of your letter dated 3rd April 1986 which you sent to Mr. Chambers in the Office of Care & Protection.

I have raised some points with him and in relation to the queries raised by you I would ask you to note the following:-

1. In regard to the very short notie given to myself and indeed yourself and other members of your family at the final review hearing on Friday 7th March the precise terms of the agreement between Messrs McCloskey & Company who were acting for Tughan & Co., and Mr. Hall himself he states that he has already covered these reasons in his reply to your sister Vera dated 3rd april 1986. It would appear simply that he is saying that the negotiations themselves were only finalised the previous afternoon.

Mr. Hall has asked me to draw it to your attention that it appears that you are under the impression that Neville Johnston Garages Limited is still a company in which the estate of the late Charles Gilpin (or members of his family) have a beneficial interest or sharehold in full. It would apear that this is not correct.

I see from the copy of the letter which I have been given that you state that "Freddie's estate is still being plundered". I would ask you to note that if you have indeed any evidence of plundering going on it is your duty to draw it to everyone's attention. [My family and I are exhausted drawing to everyone's attention the evidence of the plundering of my brother's estate.] If however this is simply a word you are using for dramatic effect than that is fair enough but I would ask you to be most careful with the language which you use in open letters which could end up in front of the court. [This is exactly what I wanted, Mr. Fearon, and the Official Solicitors and others were scared stiff in case I succeeded]

As you are aware the question of costs is being dealt with by Mr. Justice MacDermott on Friday 11th April and if you wish to be there to raise any points please come along. However I would ask you to note that I am advising you strongly that there are not points left to be made but if you have anything which you specifically wish to draw to the attention of the Court which you feel has not been answered in both this letter and my previous letter to you dated 7th April and Mr. Hall's letter to your sister Vera then please draw it to my attention.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

[The following is written in longhand.]

P.S. Mr Hall has just told me McCloskey & Co have adjourned the review regarding costs. I will notify you immediately of the new date.

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