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A letter from D.C. Patterson to Chief Constable Sir John Hermon dated 18/6/1986.

Dear sir,
Further to my letters of 15th November 1985 and 18th February 1986 of which I have received no reply or acknowledgment of receipt.

Your refusal to investigate complaints made by me on 3rd July 1984 and subsequent dates and your refusal to allow me an interview with H.M. Inspector of Constabulary is causing me great distress.

I have been informed from different sources you are allegedly investigating my complaints. I find this impossible to comprehend considering I have not made a formal statement of complaint other than a statement recorded by Chief Superintendent Ferguson on 27th August 1985. He declined to record the statement of complaint I wished to make and proceeded to prepare his own version of events which I was then forced to sign. It bore no resemblance to the statement I wished to make, it was full of ambiguities and incomplete.

To illustrate how you are being deceived by a subordinate into believing that a proper and full investigation is being carried out I will refer to one incident. Part of my complaint relates to the ineffectual investigation of a shooting incident at my home on 30th July 1980 when four shoots should read "shots" were fired. I reported the incident to Whiteabey Police, officers came along and interviewed neighbours but no one ever spoke to me or took possession of the bullet heads.
I still remain in possession of these bullet heads which exposes the incompetence of the officer tasked to investigate my complaints and how you are being deceived. How can he investigate the complaint without the evidence? This is one of many examples I could relate.

I would like to know when investigations are going to commence into my complaints made almost two years ago. When can I expect the return of my property stolen from my office desk and the property stolen by D/Chief Inspector Wilson when he burgled my home in August '84? I would also like to be informed when I can expect an interview with H.M. Inspector of Constabulary, original request made in January 1985.

The most serious of all my complaints is the intimidation of myself from my position and career. Who is going to investigate this and when will investigations commence? This intimidation was an act to prevent me giving evidence against superiors and also to prevent me completing investigations into prominent members of society.

Yours faithfully

Mervyn Patterson

R.M. Patterson, 9119