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A letter from Solicitor Alex. Stewart & Son to Mother dated 3/6/1982.

Dear Mrs. Andrews,

As you know we are acting on your daughter Mrs. Betty Hamiltons behalf and are making further enquiries as to why her former Solicitors accepted that she should pay the sum of 20,000 plus interest into Court in repayment of sums allegedly borrowed from your son's assets.

We further note from correspondence with you that you have confirmed that you made a gift to your daughter of this sum when she purchased the farm at Oaklands and that you provided this sum out of the proceeds of Insurance Policies previously held by your late husband. It would assist us greatly if you would be able to trace the cheque with which you paid the sum of 20,000 for your daughter.

We trust that you are keeping well and should you require our Mr. Stewart to call at your home to discuss this matter please let us know.

Yours faithfully,

Alex Stewart & Son

[Official Solicitor Brian Hall prefers to say that it was Freddie's money. As usual he wanted to destroy the credibility of the entire Andrews family including my elderly mother.]

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