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I received this letter from the Northern Ireland Housing Executive on February 8th 1989

Dear Mrs Wright

66/68 Smithfield, Belfast

The Chief Executive has asked me to reply to your letter dated 27th January 1989.

I can confirm that the Executive leased the above site from 15th December 1982 to 31st July 1985 at a rental of 1,500 per annum from Andrews & Co Ltd, through McConnell Martin & Co, estate agents. The agreement was signed on behalf of Andrews & Co Ltd by Mr R Mairs of McConnell, Martin & Co.

The Executive had no further involvement in this site once the lease expired on 31st July 1985.

However, I understand that this site, together with adjoining properties was vested by the Department of the Environment as part of CDA 101 - Royal Avenue/Smithfield, Belfast on 18th December 1987. Any questions relating to ownership of the site as at the date of vesting should be referred to Mr C O'Hare, Department of the Environment, CDA Branch, Clarendon House, Adelaide Street, Belfast BT2 8ND who may be able to assist you.

I regret that the Executive can be of no further help to you in this matter.

Yours sincerely

W. McGivern
Regional Director Belfast.

[This property never belonged to Andrews & Co.]