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I received the following letter from R.M. Taylor, Joint Managing Director, John Laing Developments, Ltd., Page Street, Mill Hill, London. NW7 2ER dated August 22nd 1994.

Dear Mrs Wright

I write in response to your letter of 17 July, which, I must confess, I was surprised to receive.

I have in the past taken considerable trouble to explain to you the nature and source of Castle Court Investments Limited's interest in Smithfield and thereabouts. I find that I have for the final time to repeat the facts. The properties to which you refer were the subject of a compulsory Purchase Order made by the Department of Environment for Northern Ireland to facilitate the Castlecourt Project. Consequently by operation of law Laing acquired good and absolute title to the land notwithstanding any defects that may have arisen due to its history and any prior transactions.

In accordance with the proper statutory requirements compensation was assessed by the District Valuer. Compensation payments were made to the relevant parties as directed by the DoE.

Laing had no need to investigate title itself because the Compulsory Purchase procedures deliberately render this unnecessary.

The detailed events in respect of the individual properties are all set out in my previous letters. As I have previously recommended, you should discuss these points with your legal adviser who will confirm their accuracy both in law and in fact.

I believe that we have tried hard to assist you in your enquiries. However we cannot supply you with that which we do not have.

As I have previously stated, we have provided all the assistance and guidance that we can. I must therefore bring this exchange of correspondence to an end. Please note therefore that I shall not respond to any future letters that you might choose to send.

Yours sincerely

R M Taylor

[Could Official Redpath please tell us when Laing obtained Nos. 60 - 65 Smithfield???]