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Please note that text in red denotes my comments

This is paragraph 7 of this letter from the Official Solicitor to me dated 30/7/1984.

Dear Mrs Wright,


7. Discussion with Detective constable Patterson.
While standing in the Central Hall of the Royal Courts of Justice on the morning of Friday 2 December, where we were waiting for the adjourning hearing fixed for that day to be called, I took the opportunity to speak to you and to Detective Constable Patterson in regard to a letter which you had sent to me dated 21 November. In my reply dated 24 November I explaind why, at that time, it was not possible for me to engage in direct correspondence with another solicitor's client. [!!!] You had enclosed with your letter a document which you described as "the Police Report" and although I had already received a copy of that document from your solicitor, Mr McCracken, with a covering letter dated 7 November I was concerned to establish its status and origin - ie the purpose for which it had first been prepared and the person or persons involved in preparing it. Mr McCracken had been unable to assist me with those questions and when we met in the Central Hall I gave an unambiguous indication of the serious view which I took of some of the contents of the document. You immediately acknowledged that it was not "a Police Report" but rather a summary or note of points which you had personally discussed with the Police. The warnings which I expressed informally on that occasion are still relevant and I urge you to take account of them.

Yours sincerely,


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