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Notes by F Brian Hall dated 15/2/1984.

[The following notes on titles to properties at Smithfield/Francis Street were prepared by Official Solicitor Brian Hall on 15/2/1984. It must be remembered that Herbert Wright whom Hall refers to in these notes had already assisted in the theft of Freddie's property at Smithfield and also assisted in the 'sale' of those same properties which he was later punished in the County Court in Belfast for fraudulently selling on those properties to the Ryland Vehicle Group.

Now Hall was engaged in the cover-up of the criminal activity carried out by Wright, Charles Gilpin and others, using the power vested in him by the highest Court in Northern Ireland to assist his evil designs. My copies of the maps below are in black and white so there are no red or blue colourings.

The reader must be aware while reading these notes compiled by the Official Solicitor Hall, that he, Hall, had complete access to ALL documents relating to Freddie's assets and properties, ALL the previous transactions carried out by Charles Gilpin and Tughan & Co and ALL the information available on the conduct of these people. Hall was also completely aware of MY correspondence with his office and with many, many other parties as can be seen throughout this story. Hall knew that much was wrong in the handling of Freddie's estate and must have known about the 'sale' of Freddie's Smithfield properties being illegal, a 'sale' confirmed by Tughan & Co's solicitor Herbert Wright's conviction in the County Court in Belfast on September 22nd 1988.]

Hall's Notes

Notes on titles to properties at Smithfield/Francis Street

These notes have been prepared following an inspection of title deeds held by Messrs Tughan & Co. Reference is also made to a map prepared by Mr Herbert Wright (then acting as an assistant solicitor in that firm) which was enclosed with his letter dated 17 June 1977 addressed to Mr Hunter of Messrs Brian Morton & Co.

Premises: 62-65 SMITHFIELD

2. The Patient acquired this property by CONVEYANCE dated 14 February 1961 for a consideration of 7,900. The precise area of the property assured by that deed is clearly defined on the map endorsed on it (of which a copy is attached to this note marked "A"). It shows a frontage to Smithfield on the East side of the site measuring 45 feet 0 inches. The structures found on the site at that date are marked on the map which also describes them as comprising "Nos 62-65". The parcels in the deed also describe the property as comprising "premises known as Numbers 62 to 65 (both inclusive) Smithfield in the County Burough of Belfast". The dimensions of the boundaries on the North, West and South sides are clearly shown on the map but there is an apparent error in the description of the ownership of the adjoining property on the South side (No 66) - which is shown as "Andrews & Co (Belfast) Ltd". At the date of the Conveyance in 1961 the adjoining premises were owned by the Patient, Frederick Andrews Junior - as appears below.

3. I understand that the modern show-room and offices subsequently erected on this site are located within the limits of the boundaries shown on the map A. However when Mr. Wright instructed Messrs Brian Morton & Co to prepare a valuation of these premises he described them (incorrectly) as extending farther to the rear or West side so as to include the full area of the open yard beyond the show-room building which, I believe, is (and was at that time) owned by Andrews & Co (Belfast) Limited. [That is patently NOT TRUE and Hall knew that it was not true. This large yard belonged to my brother Freddie. When Charles Gilpin, Burnside (who was appointed a trustee of my father's will) and Tughan & Co forced my late brother Billy, his wife and son to sign over their shares of Andrews & Co to them, my brother Billy's interest in Andrew's & Co, wrongfully, ceased. My brother Billy did not own any of this property as it was all put in Freddie's name. Hall knew this but just as he had solicitor McAteer appointed Controller to take over my elderly mother's assets here was Hall again literally depriving Freddie of another of his assets, his large yard, by a stroke of a pen and putting it in the ownership of Gilpin's heirs and Tughan & Co. What a totally sick man! This yard was stolen from Freddie anyway, sold to a builder for parking his lorries and this builder eventually sold the yard to Laing.]

Premises: 66-69 SMITHFIELD and 1-? FRANCIS STREET[You can see from the actual copy of this page below that this question mark is actually on the page.]

4. The Patient acquired this property by ASSIGNMENT dated 1 December 1958 for a consideration of 2,200. Before considering the parcels contained in that deed it is necessary to trace the history of the title back to the original Lease.

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