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A letter from Master Hall to solicitor Fearon dated 16/5/1986.

Dear Mr Fearon,

Review of the Patient's domestic and personal requirements

Following the final hearing before the Judge last Friday, 9 May, I enclose for your reference a copy of the confirmatory Order which has now been issued.

Taking account of the reference made at the last hearing to the need for a separate meeting at which the domestic and personal requirements of the Patient may be reviewed with members of the family I have now made an appointment for Dr H A Lyons to attend at a meeting to be held in Room 20 (on the first floor) in the Royal Courts of Justice on Wednesday 4 June next at 2.30 pm. I will be concerned to undertake a comprehensive review at that meeting of all the present arrangements for the Patient's welfare and to note any proposals which may be put forward for changes or improvements. [That was a bit late in the day, Mr. Hall, to be thinking about Freddie's welfare. Of course, by that time, having overseen the seizure and sale of his property I suppose you had to try and ease your conscience some little way.]

Please discuss with Mrs Wright any points which she may wish to raise at the meeting and, if possible, let me have a short note of proposals which may be put forward for consideration. I confirm that I will be sending copies of the last Order and of this letter to Miss Sullivan (on behalf of Mr William J Andrews), Mr McAteer (representing the interests of Mrs Minetta Andrews) and to Mrs Vera douglas - all of whom will be welcome to attend at the proposed meeting (and to contribute notes or proposals in writing to me in advance).

Yours sincerely,



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