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A letter from F Brian Hall, Master, to Mr. Justice MacDermott dated 8/5/1986.

My Lord,


I have undertaken, in accordance with Your Lordship's direction, a review of issues which have been expressed by individual members of the Patient's family in communications addressed to a number of persons other than through accredited solicitors during the period since the beginning of November 1985. Your Lordship may wish to consider at the review hearing listed at 2.00 pm to-morrow, 9 May, those points upon which further relevant submissions may be addressed to the Court.


1. Further investigation is required in regard to the sale of the Patient's interest in premises a 3-5 Little King Street.
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr H C M Chambers - 20 April 1986]
[Just for example, Mr. Hall, in his 'Comprehensive Report' to the Judge, did not state that a solicitor Mr. Morris was involved in preparing two conveyances, one between Freddie and a Mr. Dobbin - who did not purchase this property or hand over any money towards its purchase, and another conveyance between the same solicitor Mr. Morris and Mr. Dobbin. Solicitor Mr. Morris actually 'bought' this property. This shocking deal has yet to be investigated. In the light of the later conviction of solicitor Herbert Wright in the County Court in Belfast, this 'seizure and sale' of Freddie's Little King Street property must be investigated.]

2. Further useful information is available in regard to the sales of properties at Little King Street and Winetavern Street.
[Mrs Douglas's letter to the Official Solicitor - 15 April 1986]
[The 'sale' of Winetavern Street was a cash deal and the cash was not paid to Freddie's account.]

3. The short-term letting of the Patient's Smithfield properties to Andrews and Company (Belfast) Limited/Neville Johnston (Garages) Limited should not have been approved by the Court.
[unsigned not received by Mr Millar on 12 March 1986]
[It was the long-term letting we are concerned about - 9 years.]

4. The sum of 35,000 originally lodged to credit of the trust account opened with the Northern Ireland industrial Bank on 14 October 1977 should not have been repaid to Messrs Tughan as a term of the settlement concluded in the Agreement dated 6 March 1986 which was approved by the Court on 7 March 1986.
[Unsigned note received by Mr Millar on 12 March 1986]

5. Full accounts have still to be produced to the Court in respect of the Patient's affairs covering the period since 14 July 1972.
[Unsigned note received by Mr Millar on 12 March 1986]

6. Members of the family did not have adequate notice of the terms of the final settlement with Tughan & Co approved by th Court on 7 March 1986.
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr Chambers - 3 April 1986]
[We were given no indication that all was settled on the 6th March 1986.]


7. The family's concern about the Patient's affairs has not been communicated to the Judge.
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr Chambers - 3 April 1986]

8. No step should be taken in relation to the Patient's Smithfield properties until the Police investigation has been completed.
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr Millar - 23 November 1985]

9. A sum of 375,000 paid by the Ryland Vehicle Group to Mr Herbert Wright should be investigated. [and one million pounds to Charles Gilpin. What was this money for? So, F. Brian Hall DID know about the seizure and attempted sale of Freddie's Smithfield property to the Ryland Vehicle Group by Tughan & Co/Charles Gilpin/Herbert Wright! Well, well, well. This is bad news, very bad news, for F. Brian Hall. Why was this not even mentioned in his "Comprehensive" Report to the High Court? Did he investigate it? Solicitor Herbert Wright had to take the blame for this criminal conduct on the part of the biggest firm of solicitors in Belfast, Tughan & Co which included Burgess a former Chief in the Law Society.]
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr Millar - 27 November 1985]

10. The Patient's affairs should be removed from the control of the Official Solicitor.
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr Charles Powell - 19 February 1986]

11. The Patient's affairs should be removed from the jurisdiction of the Court.
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr H C M Chambers - 20 April 1986]

12. Further action should be taken by the Official Solicitor in discharge of the duties imposed upon him by section 5 of the Criminal Law Act (Northern Ireland) 1967
[Mrs Wright's letter to Mr H C M Chambers - 20 April 1986]
[Mrs Douglas's letter to the Official Solicitor - 27 April 1986]

[I really do wonder if Mr. Justice MacDermott actually saw this letter/report from F. Brian Hall given the the very next day MacDermott issued this judgement? If MacDermott did see the above letter/report then the Judge has a lot of serious questions to answer.]

F Brian Hall


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