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A letter from Master Hall to me dated 16/5/1986

Dear Mrs Wright,

Your letter of 12 May 1986 addressed to the Private Office of the Department of Health and Social Services at Dundonald House has been passed to me for attention. I am informed that you have written earlier letters to that Department in regard to the Patien's affairs - the first received on 26 March 1986 and the second dated 18 April 1986.

Your latest letter raises a number of questions which were disposed of at the final hearing before the Judge at which you appeared with your solicitor, Mr Fearon, last Friday, 9 May. I have sent a copy of the confirmatory Order to Mr Fearon to-day and I enclose a separate copy of it for your reference. You will see, at the foot of the final paragraph, that all parties (including you) have been given liberty to apply to the Court for the further review of any relevant question which you may wish to raise and about which you may be professionally advised.

I am sending copies of this letter and of the final Order to the Department of Health and Social Services for reference and I have already advised the Department that following my own enquiries while acting as Committee of the Patient's estate there does not appear to be any feature of the case which should now be referred to a public enquiry as you have suggested in your letter of 12 May. I have also suggested that further letters relating to the case should be re-directed to me for consideration in future. [Now that is a suggestion, Mr. Hall, that I would expect from you. A little self-protection would definitely be appropriate at this time. However, it won't work. Justice WILL be done.]

Yours sincerely,


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