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Hall, now Master, sent this letter to me dated 18/2/1988.

Dear Mrs. Wright,


Dr H A Lyons has sent me a copy of your letter to him dated 6 February together with a copy of the (undated) typewritten list of questions (on 2 sheets) about which the family is still concerned.

After considering the range of questions which have been raised I believe that it may be useful to arrange a final review meeting at which definitive replies may be given to all the members of the Patient's family and to any of their legal representatives who may be invited to attend. Before fixing a date and time for the proposed meeting I have asked the Official Solicitor, Mrs Bowers, to make some further enquiries about specific points so that comprehensive replies may be given at a single meeting. I anticipate that it should be possible to have the meeting in the Law Courts well before the end of next month. In the meantime I enclose for reference a draft agenda in which I have tried to arrange the main topics for discussion in a sequence which accords with the presentation of earlier reports made to the Judge of which you and others have received copies.

I am sending copies of this letter and the draft agenda to Dr Lyons, Mrs Moiseiwitsch and Mr McAteer for reference and also to Mr W J Andrews, Mrs Vera Douglas and Mrs Betty Hamilton to whom invitations will be sent in good time before the proposed meeting. I also contemplate that confirmatory notes will be available for circulation at the meeting.

Yours sincerely,



[You certainly must have felt at home in the company you kept, Mr. Hall. Dr. Lyons was an alcoholic, Mrs. Moiseiwitsch was to be given a suspended jail sentence for robbing elderly patients and Mr. McAteer got himself made Committee of, not my very ill mother, but Committee of my very ill mother's estate.]

This is the draft agenda Mr. Hall included with this letter:

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