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A letter from Hall to me dated 30/8/1988.

Dear Mrs Wright,


Thank you for your letter of yesterday's date which I received this afternoon.
I studied carefully all the questions which you have raised in regard to the affairs of your brother Freddie and I regret that you are not satisfied with the information already furnished to you [I am sure and certain that you, Mr. Hall, are not so satisfied. In fact I am also sure and certain that my campaign for justice for my brother might even keep you awake occasionally. I hope I can make you regret what you have been covering up a whole lot more. In fact there are people in jail who have committed less crime than you. That has still to come.] and to the several solicitors who have sought to advise you over the years since the Patient's case was referred to the Court.[It's turning out to be a very sick 'Court', Mr. Hall.]

As you have asserted, one again, that "the Judge was never given the facts" [And you are the one who has kept the facts, evidence and truth from the Judge]I can only suggest that you should discuss with your present solicitor, Mr Shannon, [No, Mr. Hall, I don't need your suggestions. You have tied up all the solicitors I have contacted and wasted money on.]any feature of the case upon which an application should, in your view, be made to the Judge to have the Court set aside any decision or conclusion which you consider to be founded on inaccurate or incomplete information. [This WILL be done, Mr. Hall, make no mistake. This WILL be done.]I am sending copies of your letter and of this reply to Mr Shannon for reference.

I am also sending copies of both letters to Mrs Bowers who is directly involved with questions relating to the Patient's personal and domestic needs, as discussed and agreed during the first part of the meeting held on Friday 24 June in my room. I was not aware of any request for the provision of a new cooker but Mrs Bowers may pursue that point with Mrs Moiseiwitsch.

Finally another copy of this letter will be delivered to the Lord Chief Justice's Legal Secretary, Mr Millar, for the information of Lord Justice MacDermott.[I do believe, Mr. Hall, that you have just identified a number of fellow plunderers.]

Yours sincerely,



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