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A letter from Hall to me dated 9/6/1986.

Dear Mrs Wright,

Review of the Patient's domestic and personal requirements

Thank you for arranging to attend at the meeting in my room in the Royal Courts of Justice last Wednesday afternoon, 4 June, to review the present domestic arrangements at 4 Norwood Gardens and the financial provision which is made for Freddie's support.

I have noted that the system for payment of various domestic accounts which has now been estblished appears to be working satisfactorily and I have suggested to you that if you require further assistance with exceptional items of expense you may, please, apply to the Official Solicitor's office at Bedford House for further contributions if necessary. I have explained that the new Official Solicitor should be appointed within the next 2 months but in the meantime any correspondence relating to the day-to-day management of his affairs may be addressed to Mr T J Johnston at Bedford House.

During last week's discussion I noted that further enquiries might usefully be made to establish the full range of Freddie's entitlement to benefit payments received by or on behalf of him during recent years. I have asked Mr Johnston to contact you direct about these matters so that appropriate arrangements can be made as soon as possible for securing future payments and completing the record of all benefits already received for earlier years.

Yours sincerely,



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