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A letter from Official Solicitor Hall to Peter Robinson MP dated 12/3/1986.

Dear Mr. Robinson,

Complaints by Mrs Eileen Wright - your ref: DPR/EB/10,700

I write immediately to acknowledge your letter which I received this afternoon with enclosures and which although dated 21 February was contained in an envelope whose postmark shows "10.30 am 12 March 1986" - this morning. My concern to point out the time which has elapsed since your letter was dictated (following Mrs Wright's lengthy communication to you of 13 February) is prompted by the fact that during that interval all the outstanding features of the Patient's affairs with which I have been involved during the past two and a half years were resolved at a final review hearing before the Judge sitting in the High Court last Friday afternoon, 7 March.

At that hearing Mrs Wright was professionally represented (as she was during 6 earlier review hearings befor the Judge on 24 October 1983, 2 December 1983, 24 February 1984, 20 December 1985, 23 December 1985 and 24 January 1986). I can confirm that at none of those hearings was any formal submission made by counsel or solicitors engaged on behalf of Mrs Wright against the conclusions or recommendations set out in my 2 reports to the Judge. You will recall that I sent a copy of my second report dated 2 December 1985 to you for reference with my covering letter of 11 December last.

Finally I can summarise the present position very briefly. The Patient still owns the 2 Smithfield properties. I will be concerned to sell them as soon as I obtain an offer which can be recommended to the court for approval. In the meantime I have negotiated, with the approval of the Court, a short-term letting to secure a rental income for the Patient. I have also concluded a settlement of claims for losses suffered by the Patient totalling 49,598 with the Court's approval. Mrs Wright has been fully advised of all these developments.

Yours sincerely.

Official Solicitor