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A letter from Master Hall to solicitor Shannon dated 17/11/1988.

Dear Mr Shannon,

Your client: Mrs Eileen Wright

Following my brief conversation with you earlier this week I now enclose for your reference a copy of the letter which has been sent to Mrs Wright by Mr R T Millar, the Legal Secretary to the Lord Chief Justice. [So why, Mr. Hall, did you phone Mr. Shannon after writing this letter to him dated 7/11/1988 in which you stated, "In my present post I have no need to be directly involved in any of the matters about which Mrs Wright now complains."] That letter has been approved by Lord Justice MacDermott to whom Mrs Wright had sent a copy of her letter to me of 28 October.

I also mentioned to you that following earlier communications between Mrs Wright and Mr Roy Beggs MP 4 Parliamentary Questions were put down by Mr Beggs for Written Answer by the Attorney General. It is, of course, quite inappropriate that the affairs of any patient (or indeed any matters which are the subject of proceedings before a court) should be the subject of public enquiry or examination in Parliament. [Actually Mr. Hall, you didn't give a hoot about keeping Freddie's affairs from the public view. You were afraid that YOUR activities in regard to Freddie's estate would be exposed - and they will be exposed.] Any substantial issues in such a case should properly be considered before the Court if the circumstances justify such action. I enclose for your own file a copy of the extract from Hansard showing the Questions which were tabled and the Written Answers published on 14 November.

Yours sincerely,



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