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A letter from Master Hall to solicitor Shannon dated 6/6/1988.

Dear Mr Shannon,

Your client: Mrs Eileen Wright

I write to confirm that a meeting will be held in Room 20 (on the first floor) of the Royal Courts of Justice on the afternoon of Friday 24 June next at 2.30 to review thePatient's affairs.

It is proposed that the business to be considered at the meeting may be arranged as follows:

(a) a short review of the personal and domestic needs of the Patient;

(b) a comprehensive review of questions relating to the Patient's affairs which are set out in the draft agenda circulated with my letter of 18 February 1988;

(c) discussion of any further questions of which I may receive written notice in good time before the meeting; and

(d) final comments upon questions arising from information supplied during the meeting - about which all interested parties will have been given time to consult with their professional representatives.

I am sending copies of this letter to Mr McAteer, Mrs Moseiwitsch and Mrs Vera Douglas who may be present at the meeting and to Dr Lyons for his information. A letter in similar terms is being sent to Mrs Hamilton's solicitors.

Yours sincerely,

F Brian Hall


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